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App Entwicklung

Going mobile with your business will streamline you business process and brings added value to you and your customers to master the challenges of tomorrow.

We help you develop a mobile strategy and support you in the implementation.

Our focus is on the development of Android apps.

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Mutation Testing 101

Mutation Testing is the technique to assess the effectiveness of your Unit test suite. Roughly 3/4 of all potential bugs can be covered and found by unit tests, making it the most important element of your test strategy.

In our 1-day Mutation Testing Bootcamp training you will learn the theoretical basics behind Mutation Testing, learn about practical use cases as well as pitfalls. You’ll learn how to correctly interpret classic quality metrics, mutation analysis metrics and how they relate to each other.

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Performance Engineering

More than ever performance of an IT solution is critical to business goals. Regardless of throughput, processing- or response times, every millisecond counts and is directly relatable to revenue(loss). Don’t leave performance to chance. Take control and plan ahead. With years of experience as developers or architects specializing on performance analysis, tuning and testing we advise and support you along the software lifecycle to make the right architectural and design decisions towards performance and plan capacity realistically. Performance does not happen by chance, Performance must be managed.

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Software Development

Greenfield project or maintaining a 15-year-old legacy application, from rapid prototyping to waterfall processed development, we participated and contributed to many projects. The gained knowledge and experience is a valuable asset to us — and to you. Reduce your project risk and cost by using that expertise either in development projects or in the long-running operational and maintenance phases. Central to all our development engagements is our commitment to quality and sustainability.

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Sonarqube: Mutation Analysis Plugin

The Mutation Analysis Plugin provides metrics and issue management for mutation test results produced by Pitest Mutation Testing. Mutation testing helps you discover gaps in and assess the quality and effectiveness of your automated Unit Test Suites.

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Testing Services

Waterfall, Agile Methods or Ad-Hoc, no development approach can be sensibly exercised without any form of testing. Although the shift to agile methods lead to the impression that only “developers” are needed — which most people erroneously interpret as “programmers-only” — the discipline and skills for testings are still essential to software development. Don’t make the same mistakes as others and take control of your quality assurance. With our help you’ll find the right balance between automated and exploratory testing, find the ingredients to a well shaped test pyramid and align non-functional testing with your business goals.

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