Mutation Testing 101

Mutation Testing 101

Mutation Testing is the technique to assess the effectiveness of your Unit test suite. Roughly 3/4 of all potential bugs can be covered and found by unit tests, making it the most important element of your test strategy.

In our 1-day Mutation Testing Bootcamp training you will learn the theoretical basics behind Mutation Testing, learn about practical use cases as well as pitfalls. You’ll learn how to correctly interpret classic quality metrics, mutation analysis metrics and how they relate to each other.

By practical hands-on exercises participants will learn how to apply mutation testing in Java, define a strategy to incorporate mutation testing in software delivery lifecycle and learn about techniques to limit computational effort.


  • Theoretical foundation
  • Mutation Operators
  • Interpretation of classic coverage metrics
  • Interpretation of mutation analysis metrics
  • Use Cases
  • Pitfalls
  • Strategies for efficiently applying mutation testing
  • ​Tools
  • Mutation testing with Java
  • Mutation analysis in SonarQube

This course is held exclusively on-demand and in-house.