Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

More than ever performance of an IT solution is critical to business goals. Regardless of throughput, processing- or response times, every millisecond counts and is directly relatable to revenue(loss). Don’t leave performance to chance. Take control and plan ahead. With years of experience as developers or architects specializing on performance analysis, tuning and testing we advise and support you along the software lifecycle to make the right architectural and design decisions towards performance and plan capacity realistically. Performance does not happen by chance, Performance must be managed.

Our offering

All our performance engineering offerings are consulting mandates and billable by effort. If needed, we can supplement your team temporarily with our experts in labor leasing.

  • Performance Analysis & Tuning Do you have an urgent performance problem in your production system or prior a release that requires immediate attention? We analyze your issue, find the root cause and propose actions to mitigate or solve the problem.

  • Load- and Performance Testing In collaboration with your business stakeholders we elaborate performance related non-functional requirements. We define a performance testing strategy and design load- and performance test scenarios. We execute tests, setup monitoring and analyze the results. You’ll get detailed or continuous performance resulting and we propose corrective actions in case of insufficient performance. Further we automate performance benchmarking and integrate performance testing or into your Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline. We coach your employees in performance testing and result analysis.

  • Application Performance Management Application Performance Management is the ongoing endeavor to manage application performance and end user experience proactively throughout the software delivery lifecycle. In collaboration with you we assess your current situation, elaborate a strategy to introduce Application Performance Management in your IT Landscape. In case you already practice Application Performance Management, we help you to advance your solution, integrate further systems or enhance capabilities with custom extensions for your specific applications.

  • Performance Engineering When you have special performance or scalability requirements, i.e. low latency or high throughput, that can not be met with a naive approach, we advise you on architectures and technologies, conduct architecture and design reviews or even implement your performance critical components.