About us

Gerald Mücke, Owner

Portrait Gerald Muecke

“In more than 12 years of experience as IT Specialist I had the chance to work for many companies, practicing several roles and was part of countless projects. Starting as test automation engineer in product development of one of the world-leading IT services providers, I changed to Software Services Specialist role for the same company, to Solution Architect for a major Swiss bank, and to ECM Consultant for a smaller IT consultancy. I practiced the roles of software engineer, tester, requirements engineer, architect, release architect to support with all its ups and downs I made hands-on experience with almost every aspect of IT and scale.

I’ve seen many projects succeed and fail. A common denominator for success were in all cases the people, their mastery at craft, their passion and commitment for their jobs. If one of those were missed, the projects usually had problems, usually accompanied with foul play, misleading monetary incentives and too much politics.

After having some unfortunate projects of the latter kind, I decided to go independent, founded DevCon5 Inc. and continued my career as independent IT consultant, providing specialist services, mastery at craft and absolute commitment to customer success. No politics, no hidden agendas, no skewed bonus plans, no bullshit. I’m getting things done.”

DevCon5 Inc.

DevCon5 Inc. (CH) was founded with the goal to deliver professional services in software development and we mean it. Our focus is to support and enable customers to keep the pace with the rapidly moving IT landscape, providing specialist expertise on standards, frameworks, tools and methods to be able to react to changing markets with the help of information technology. We have a solid educational foundation, a broad generalist knowledge with specialist focal areas. We deliver what we promise.


As some companies still value certification much, our employees are certified and are able to deliver expertise for:

  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified Scrum Professional
  • Oracle Certified Professional Developer Java 7 & 8
  • MongoDB Professional Administrator
  • MongoDB Professional Developer
  • IREB Requirement Engineering
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • IBM Certified SOA Associate
  • IBM Certified Specialist Enterprise Content Management