Software development and operations are growing closer together in the agile world, provide faster feedback in the development cycle and enables teams to take on more end-to-end responsibility. To the same extent development teams, however, face new challenges.

Software developers have to deal with operations and operators with development issues. At the same time, new practices such as Continuous Integration / Continous Delivery, new technologies such as CI / CD Server & Server Automation, and new methods such as application performance monitoring is learned and established.

Due to our many years of experience in the software delivery lifecycle and many years of practical experience in In the area of ​​software development, testing and operation we can provide you with extensive implementation and application support in the field of DevOps.


Our consulting services are comprised of:

  • Release & Rollout Management
  • Planning, Design & Realization of
    • Continous Integration / Continous Delivery (CI/CD)
    • Application Performance Management
  • Test-Automation
  • Deployment-Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Metrics, Monitoring & Visualisation
  • Coaching


In the broad and complex IT landscape we have practical experience using the following technologies and beyond that have proven many times to master new technologies in very short time.

CI/CD Server

  • Jenkins
  • Teamcity
  • Bamboo
  • Gitlab

Artifact Repositories

  • Artifactory

Build & Server Automation

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible

Metrics & Monitoring

  • Prometheus
  • InfluxDB
  • Grafana
  • Elastic Stac
  • Sonarqube