App Entwicklung

App Entwicklung

Going mobile with your business will streamline you business process and brings added value to you and your customers to master the challenges of tomorrow.

We help you develop a mobile strategy and support you in the implementation.

Our focus is on the development of Android apps.

Android Applications

Android applications are suitable for both business customers and end users.

In the business environment, apps on tablets and smartphones support the digitalization of business processes and increase the efficiency of your company, e.g. Sales and customer interaction.

The market share of Android is around 40% in Switzerland and around 80% worldwide.


The development of an app is a multi-stage process that we go through together with our customers.

  1. Requirements - the first thing we do is record the requirements. This usually happens in a workshop with you as a customer.
  2. Design & Prototyping - based on the requirements, we create a design of the application and a prototype, e.g. in the form of a wireframe model or clickable mock-up. As a customer, the prototype gives you a first impression of the app and allows to make early adjustments as required.
  3. Implementation & quality assurance - From the prototype we develop and programm a working app In this phase we test the app continuously to find and fix errors. You get the chance to experience the progress in regular intervals and give feedback for further for improvement. This ensures you’ll get the app that you want.
  4. Publish the app to the Google Playstore.

    App Design & Wireframe

Depending on the scope and complexity of the application and due to the the feedback cycles that are crucial to the success the entire process takes about 12-25 weeks. In return, you get an app that exactly matches your ideas and requirements.