Testing Services

Testing Services

Waterfall, Agile Methods or Ad-Hoc, no development approach can be sensibly exercised without any form of testing. Although the shift to agile methods lead to the impression that only “developers” are needed — which most people erroneously interpret as “programmers-only” — the discipline and skills for testings are still essential to software development. Don’t make the same mistakes as others and take control of your quality assurance. With our help you’ll find the right balance between automated and exploratory testing, find the ingredients to a well shaped test pyramid and align non-functional testing with your business goals.

Our Offering

All our testing service offerings are consulting mandates and billable by effort. If needed, we can supplement your team temporarily with our experts in labor leasing.

  • Test Automation Based upon risk analysis of the system under test and under consideration of cost and effort we define a balanced strategy to automate your testing endeavors. Our toolbox contains a multitude of tools, to find the best tool for the job, not only for testing, but for automation of setup and administration of the testing infrastructure as well. Further we review and analyze your existing automated test suite for coverage gaps, test design and test maintainability. You’ll profit from our years of experience as developers in software and testing automation projects.

  • Static Analysis While automated or non-automated tests target the behavior or appearance of the product, static analysis aims at the structure. With tools for static code analysis we identify actionable issues in your code base. We assist you in setting up and integrating tools for static analysis into your development environment and help you define the rule sets that match your requirements.

  • Exploratory Technical Testing & Specification Reviews While test cases and test plans use predefined steps in order to reveal known faulty behaviors exploratory testing is dynamic and will reveal new, previously unknown information about the system under test. It’s craft that requires skills, experience and creativity. But exploratory testing is not only for human user interfaces! With our strong technical background we have specialized on technical exploratory testing aiming at interfaces like REST APIs, WebService Endpoints, other networking technologies protocols and framework integrations. In addition, we conduct formal reviews of source code, architecture, design, and specification documentation.

  • Performance Testing When you have special performance or scalability requirements, i.e. low latency or high throughput, that can not be met with a naive approach, we advise you on architectures and technologies, conduct architecture and design reviews or even implement your performance critical components.