How to write good code

A couple of days ago I stumbled over a tweet on Twitter. It contained a list of catchy phrases what makes good writing. Developers also write, but more code than prose texts, so I wondered how applicable this list is to coding as well. So I came up with my own list, which might be a bit less catchy but is hopefully a usefully assembly of good coding practices or guiding principles.

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Light Bulb Methods

While writing the article on “How to write good code”, I used the term “light bulb methods” and I want to explain bit more in detail, what I meant with this style of method structuring.

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App Entwicklung

Going mobile with your business will streamline you business process and brings added value to you and your customers to master the challenges of tomorrow.

We help you develop a mobile strategy and support you in the implementation.

Our focus is on the development of Android apps.

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Software Development

Greenfield project or maintaining a 15-year-old legacy application, from rapid prototyping to waterfall processed development, we participated and contributed to many projects. The gained knowledge and experience is a valuable asset to us — and to you. Reduce your project risk and cost by using that expertise either in development projects or in the long-running operational and maintenance phases. Central to all our development engagements is our commitment to quality and sustainability.

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