Modular Router Design for Vert.x Microservices

When developing micro services with the Vert.x framework I stumbled more than once over the question how to organize Verticles and achieve a modular design. Vert.x is unopinionated allowing various ways of accomplishing this. In this article I’d like to discuss two options for building modular services.

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Coding Style for high productivity and lesser bugs

In this year’s JCrete unconference I attended a very interesting session about Bugs and Coding style led by Cliff Click (The full discussion can be found here). He started about his experience as a high-performance high-professional coder, about development speed and ratios of bugs in new code, refactored code and bug-fixed code and the implication of this to the code style. Speed of Coding and Rate of Bugs His views and experience are especially interesting as he wrote huge parts of the HotSpot JVM, i.

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