Mutation Testing

End of January I attended the OOP2015 conference in Munich. Among the load of interesting sessions was one that left a mark. It was the workshop conducted by Filip van Laenen and Markus Schirp about Mutation Testing (slides here), which I’d like to summarize in this post.

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Mutation Testing 101

Mutation Testing is the technique to assess the effectiveness of your Unit test suite. Roughly 3/4 of all potential bugs can be covered and found by unit tests, making it the most important element of your test strategy.

In our 1-day Mutation Testing Bootcamp training you will learn the theoretical basics behind Mutation Testing, learn about practical use cases as well as pitfalls. You’ll learn how to correctly interpret classic quality metrics, mutation analysis metrics and how they relate to each other.

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Sonarqube: Mutation Analysis Plugin

The Mutation Analysis Plugin provides metrics and issue management for mutation test results produced by Pitest Mutation Testing. Mutation testing helps you discover gaps in and assess the quality and effectiveness of your automated Unit Test Suites.

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