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Replace Docker for Windows with Podman?

By Gerald Mücke October 14, 2021

In the recent months - or years - an alternative implementation of the Open Container Inititive (OCI) - Podman - has gained traction, especially as large Linux distributors (RedHat, Suse) decided to drop Docker in favor of Podman. Not to mention, that podman is one of the container engines used by Kubernetes. But how is the situation on Windows?

In this article I want to shed some light on how to set-up Podman on Windows and discuss whether it’s ready to drop Docker on Windows as well.

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Jenkins: How to use shared libraries for configuration

By Gerald Mücke January 3, 2019

This article discusses how Jenkins pipelines that use shared libraries can be be updated structurally upon changes on the shared library without running a full build.

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Coverage with Jacoco and Sonarqube

By Gerald Mücke December 4, 2018

In most projects I have worked in, Jacoco was used as tool to determine code coverage. The configuration is fairly easy as it plugs into the JVM that runs the tests using an agent that tracks the invocations. In maven, this JVM is forked by the surefire plugin and the parameters are auto generated. The setup is well documented so in this blog post I want to shed some lights on the internals of Jacoco and Sonarqube and how both calculate their coverage metrics. I did some code digging, and I’d like to share my insights. The following information is a compilation of what I found out.

This article is inspired by this question on StackOverflow, which is basically about how Sonarqube and Jacoco calculate coverage.

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Mutation-Analysis-Plugin 1.2 released

By Gerald Mücke July 2, 2018

We’re happy to announce the release 1.2 of the Mutation-Analysis Plugin for Sonarqube.

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