Replace Docker for Windows with Podman?

In the recent months - or years - an alternative implementation of the Open Container Inititive (OCI) - Podman - has gained traction, especially as large Linux distributors (RedHat, Suse) decided to drop Docker in favor of Podman. Not to mention, that podman is one of the container engines used by Kubernetes. But how is the situation on Windows?

In this article I want to shed some light on how to set-up Podman on Windows and discuss whether it’s ready to drop Docker on Windows as well.

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Optimizing Docker Images for Java

Docker is a popular technology for creating runtime environments for servers and entire systems. Docker images are easily distributed, deployed and started. But especially distribution benefits from slim images - large images take time to transmit, especially when done frequently this could have a real impact on the development speed. In this article I’ll write about some best practices for reducing or optimizing the image size.

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Case Study: Revolutionizing Online Presence in Healthcare with Advanced DevOps Solutions

Challenge In the dynamic Healthcare sector, staying digitally present and technologically up-to-date is crucial. Our client, a leader in the Healthcare industry, faced the challenge of modernizing and making their online presence more agile. The goal was clear: create a more efficient, scalable, and secure development and operational environment for their digital platform based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Solution Approach Our approach focused on implementing cutting-edge DevOps practices to revolutionize the client’s development and operational processes.

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