Cloud Entwicklung

The Future is in the Cloud – Discover New Horizons

In our rapidly advancing digital era, the cloud has become an indispensable part of the IT landscape. For beginners, the world of cloud might initially seem complex and daunting, yet its benefits are undeniable: From Pay-As-You-Go and Infrastructure as Code to Just-In-Time Provisioning and Automation, all the way to No-Ops – the cloud is revolutionizing how we use technology.

Cost reductions and accelerated Time-To-Market are the main driving forces behind migrating to the cloud.

Facing the challenge of migrating your services to the cloud? Or do you have an innovative idea that you want to realize in the cloud? We are your ideal partner on this exciting journey!

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Cognito based authentication for CloudFront protected resources

Cognito is a relatively new offering proving Identity Management for Apps and Services, including profile management and multi-factor authentication. CloudFront is the Content Delivery Network service provided by Amazon Web Services. CloudFront offers publicly accessible content as well as private content. Private content can be access using either signed URLs or Signed Cookies. Cognito however generates OAuth access tokens. This article describes how to build a service for creating Signed Cookies for Cloudfroint using access control provided by Cognito.

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