The Schweizerische Unfallversicherung Suva (Swiss Accident Insurance) is an important part of the Swiss social security system. Being an independent enterprise of the public service law, Suva insures people in their jobs and free time. The Model Suva unifies prevention, insurance and rehabilitation.

Application Performance Management

Together with Suva employees we advanced the preexisting Application Performance Management (APM) infrastructure. This included development of custom monitoring plugin for the Dynatrace APM infrastructure, the integration of further systems into APM, planing and execution of load- and performance testing and advising development teams on performance optimization during development.

For the re-launch of the Suva website we supported the project team with continuous benchmarking, load- and stability tests. This helped to identify critical performance issues early in the project. With the proposed actions the total capacity of the system could be increased and the response times reduced, especially to satisfy the additional load caused by a Go-Live.

Mongo DB

For internal MongoDB-based applications we helped with elaborating a maintenance concept and procedures for backup, restore and general housekeeping activities. On top of that we advised the development team on scalability and security topics of MongoDB. ​