As the leading IT service provider for eHealth in Switzerland and neighboring regions, MediData AG brings together service providers (doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, Spitex, etc.), health and accident insurers, cantons and patients with efficient IT solutions.

Quality Assurance

For developing the data exchange platform “MediData-Netz” we advanced the quality assurance efforts together with the MediData AG employees using a balanced risk/value-driven approach.

For this we conducted interface specification reviews, suggested improvements on particular issues, created automated test scenarios for contract-based testing for critical and external interfaces and improved the testing infrastructure for system testing by leveraging tools like Docker or Testcontainers.

These efforts were flanked with planing, conducting and analysing results of load and performance tests to ensure the data exchange platform meets current and future demands.

On top of these activities we reviewed the overall system architecture and proposed actions to improve maintainability and sustainability of the solution. We coached the development team in implementing these actions.