Software Development

Unleash Your Digital Potential with Our Experienced Team!

In a world where technology is advancing incessantly, having us by your side means you’re always one step ahead. Our portfolio spans an impressive range: from groundbreaking Greenfield projects to the meticulous care of legacy systems over 20 years old – we have proven our expertise in a multitude of projects.

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Cloud Entwicklung

The Future is in the Cloud – Discover New Horizons

In our rapidly advancing digital era, the cloud has become an indispensable part of the IT landscape. For beginners, the world of cloud might initially seem complex and daunting, yet its benefits are undeniable: From Pay-As-You-Go and Infrastructure as Code to Just-In-Time Provisioning and Automation, all the way to No-Ops – the cloud is revolutionizing how we use technology.

Cost reductions and accelerated Time-To-Market are the main driving forces behind migrating to the cloud.

Facing the challenge of migrating your services to the cloud? Or do you have an innovative idea that you want to realize in the cloud? We are your ideal partner on this exciting journey!

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Revolutionize Your Software Development with DevOps: Faster, More Efficient, Future-Oriented

In today’s agile world, Development and Operations merge into a synergistic unit that enables quick feedback in the development cycle and empowers teams to take on end-to-end responsibility. This new dynamic drives teams to excellence but also presents them with new, exciting challenges.

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App Development

Mobilize Your Business: Customized Mobile Apps for Digital Success

In today’s fast-paced business world, mobile applications (Apps) are indispensable for aligning your company strategically, offering added value to your customers, and mastering the challenges of tomorrow. We are your experts in developing a comprehensive mobile strategy and its successful implementation. Android Applications: Your Key to Market Success

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Performance Engineering

More than ever performance of an IT solution is critical to business goals. Regardless of throughput, processing- or response times, every millisecond counts and is directly relatable to revenue(loss). Don’t leave performance to chance. Take control and plan ahead. With years of experience as developers or architects specializing on performance analysis, tuning and testing we advise and support you along the software lifecycle to make the right architectural and design decisions towards performance and plan capacity realistically. Performance does not happen by chance, Performance must be managed.

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Testing Services

Waterfall, Agile Methods or Ad-Hoc, no development approach can be sensibly exercised without any form of testing. Although the shift to agile methods lead to the impression that only “developers” are needed — which most people erroneously interpret as “programmers-only” — the discipline and skills for testings are still essential to software development. Don’t make the same mistakes as others and take control of your quality assurance. With our help you’ll find the right balance between automated and exploratory testing, find the ingredients to a well shaped test pyramid and align non-functional testing with your business goals.

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