Software development and operations are growing closer together in the agile world, provide faster feedback in the development cycle and enables teams to take on more end-to-end responsibility. To the same extent development teams, however, face new challenges.

Software developers have to deal with operations and operators with development issues. At the same time, new practices such as Continuous Integration / Continous Delivery, new technologies such as CI / CD Server & Server Automation, and new methods such as application performance monitoring is learned and established.

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Performance Testing with Gatling

Performance testing is more important than ever in today’s demanding IT world. Regardless of whether you want to get the maximum performance from your resources in order to reduce your operating costs or test your software architecture in terms of scalability for fitness in the future - Performance Testing helps you to do this in a targeted and efficient manner.

In our 1-day performance testing basic training, you will learn the fundamentals of performance testing, and how to apply them using the open source tool Gatling.. Using practical examples, you will learn how to plan, implement, implement and evaluate performance tests.

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